Fighting Childhood Illiteracy

The statistics are staggering and our community is not immune to the declining literacy rate for our children.

“Research shows that people in whom literacy development is evident are more likely to have better self-esteem, improved health and higher wages than those with undeveloped literacy skills. In today’s job market, literacy development is absolutely essential.” – No Texan Left Behind  

“Children who cannot read on grade level by the end of 1st Grade rarely catch up without remedial help. Usually, the achievement gap widens as time progresses.  A child who can read by the third grade is unlikely ever to be involved with the criminal justice system.” – Literacy Inc.

Your support allows us to put new and gently used books in our local crisis facilities, provide new books to Blessings In a Backpack (a few times a year), provide books to organizations supporting families with food insecurities and programs that help us develop reading skills.